Today we have been cleaning!

Actually cleaning without being livid, who knew! We have kindly been donated a full raw fleece which we intend to use for felting in one of our coming workshop. The fleece first need to be prepared, cleaned and dyed: a process which we have started today!

So, in case you’re interested, here is the method we have used:

Step 1 – spread your fleece out on a surface be it a table or the grass on a nice sunny day, cut off and set aside any particularly mucky bits of the fleece (you won’t be needing these) so you are left with lovely softened clean-looking wool.

Step 2 – place roughly a football sized bundle of your wool in to a mesh sack. You can use a mesh lingerie bag, we spread some muslin on the floor and tied it up around the wool.

Step 3 – place your bundles in to a tub / sink / container of very hot but not boiling water with a few squirts of dish soap or laundry detergent in. Leave for about thirty minutes and repete the process until upon peaking in to your parcels, you can see reasonably clean wool. *IMPORTANT* during this stage and the next one do not agitate the wool or move it around too much or it will felt itself in to one giant blob!

Step 4 – fill your container once more but this time add no soap as this is the rinse 🙂 leave for thirty minutes and then get out and set aside to dry! This is the stage we are at and its laying out in the sun! Watch this space!

Love and peace,


p.s. Here are some photos of our process:




Invigilators needed

we have held artist site meetings this week and beginning to bring exciting ideas and creative skills together to represent AiRM2016 festival which has gained the title

‘the marsh, she knows’……a quote from Dr Syn……

the church exhibition sites are all unique, with amazing history, architecture and evidence of time past , for example, a crusaders grave, medieval scratch clocks, gargoyles etc

The exhibitions will have invigilators to talk to visitors and provide information about the artworks

We are looking for people interested in doing this on Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm during the festival, this is paid ÂŁ8/hr and would suit people who are interested in the arts , live on or near Romney Marsh. Training is provided

exhibition dates:

17/18, 24/25 September & 1/2, 8/9 October 2016
at Newchurch Old Romney Fairfield Ivychurch St Mary in the Marsh
interested? contact us on info@artinromneymarsh@gmail.com