September is nearly over how!!


Hope you are all having a splendid Autumn, as the title suggests the days just seem to be escaping me at the moment but I am really enjoying the arrival of my favourite seasonal gift: conkers!

After a childhood of spending endless afternoons on the walk home from school searching for the shiny gems i still can’t shake the excitement when they start to arrive. The lovely feel of them in your hand and collecting as many as you can while storing them in an old shoebox. such a lovely time of year.

So the long awaited for Art in Romney Marsh festival has begun! Have you had the chance to go yet? Please let us know what you think!

September is full of new educational beginnings – I’ve returned to complete the second year of my Masters Degree and oh boy its intense!

Eased in (!) with a two hour lecture on materialism and realism we’ve hit the ground running ready to put together a 5000 word essay (or ‘Critical Research Paper’) in time for christmas.Before you ask; no I don’t know what I’m doing it on and no i also haven’t even vaguely started…all in good time!

Last but not least a very exciting piece of news…our new rescue donkey arrives tomorrow! His name is Charlie, he is black and coming to us from Colchester, Essex. Since we lots one of our ponies our current donkey has been very lonely so we’ve arranged for a companion to join the gang on the farm.

I’ll post pictures as soon as i have some, but for now here is a wee snap of our lovely kitten ‘Winnie’ who is now 5 months old!

Love, Liz



imageGood evening!

welcome to my first blog post in about 6 years – what a busy summer it has been all we lol as beautiful and warm…and it’s not over yet!

So many exciting things have happened over the last couple of months I hardly know where to start!

Coming up in September and October we have the annual ‘Art In Romney Marsh’ festival featuring unique commissioned pieces of art from local artists displayed across 5 of the Marsh’s most beautiful medieval churches. In addition to the wonderful things to see, there as some workshops coming up which you can get involved in and create something unique yourself.

I will be holding a wet felting workshop on Sunday 9th October in St Mary the Virgin church in St Mary in the Marsh – if this sounds appealing to you then please send us an email letting us know you are interested as there are a limited number of spaces.

Ive had a little practice to polish up my skills and have decided we will be making a little pouch out of Romney Marsh Sheep wool for you to keep something small and special in. It’s going to be lots of fun, promise!

i don’t want to spoil the workshop so no photos today of what we are creating, instead here is Mickey the donkey looking as lovely as ever. 😍

lots of love,