Wet Felting Workshop

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on Sunday the 9th of October we held a wet felting workshop at St Georges’ church, Ivychurch. It was great fun for myself and all of the participants and here are some photos and details of my method incase you would like to give it a go yourself!

Step 1 – Prepare your space!

Wet felting is (as the name hints) wet! so set up in a place where it doesn’t matter if water gets on the floor and make sure you have the means to mop anything up if needed.

You will needed….

  1. Bubble wrap (as large as you want your sheet of felt to be)
  2. A sushi mat (same size as above)
  3. Tutu net (as above)
  4. Wool for felting!
  5. Bar of soap
  6. Warm water

So, lay out a towel (optional) on your space and then the sushi mat and then the bubble wrap (bubbles up) on top of that.

Step 2 – Add wool!

Begin to tease bits of wool apart and gently lay three layers of the wool on top of the bubble wrap. First layer with all the wool horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal again. each layer should cover the space but be thin enough to see the surface underneath.


Gently lay your tutu net onto of your woolly layers and drizzle some warm water on top. you want your wool to be fully saturated but not swimming with water. the easiest way to do this is to sprinkle a little on at a time then press the wool down to see how wet it is getting. you want it wet enough that when you press your hand down on it some water comes up between your fingers.

Step 3 – Felt!

Take your soap and rub it over the whole surface of your piece – just once for now! Then take a small scrap of bubble wrap, create a bulb shape with it and with the bubble side facing down start to rub it over your surface in small circles. there should be quite a lot if sudds appearing so if not, add some more of your soap.


now you need to do this for quite a long time. at least 15 mins. every now and then pull the tutu net up and release the fibres of there wool that have attached itself to it as we don’t want that included in the felt!

After the felting is done its at this point you need to decide weather you want your felt thicker/denser; if so then repete the steps of adding the raw wool and rubbing with the soap. if you are happy with the thickness then please read on!

Remove the sushi matt from underneath (gently) and lay it on top of your felt. flip the whole thing over and remove the bubble wrap. roll it all up as tight as you can and roll back and forth for about 30 seconds. this process helps to remove any excess water and to aid the felting process. unroll your work, turn the felt 90 degrees and repeat. Do this again and again until you have done it four times so its been rolled in each direction twice.

Finally! Gently rinse in tepid water if your work is particularly soapy and then lay out to dry!

you will have a lovely piece of felt do do what you wish with – its so versatile you can make a pouch, coasters, book covers…the list is endless!

If you give it a go please let us know how it goes!


Liz xx


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