Willow and its many uses

We are currently working with local Romney Marsh primary schools to make willow baskets, plant supports and stars. We are collecting up the cuttings from the workshops ready to make drawing charcoal…..




important that you peel the willow stubs, just remove the outer layer of the brown willow with a gardening knife…..and then find a tin to put them in, light your wood stove and in goes the tin …making sure you’ve drilled some holes in the lid………Ive used a Harrogate toffee tin…  this can be added to the fire at any time, although I recommend putting it in at the end of the evening and then the process happens overnight…..photo-3



the next morning the tin is cold and amongst the ashes in the wood stove …open the lid and here you have perfect charcoal for drawing …..at no cost!

Please note the holes drilled into the lid – clearly shown in this photo…this is important