Learning about SKIBS and Upsetting – willow workshop at Brookland school

our evening class with parents & carers of children attending Brookland school #romneymarsh

our tutor Christiane is working with us for 3 consecutive sessions to teach us how to make a basket with a handle

these are photos from session 1 : making the base


here are two examples:


all of the students completed their basket base ready for next week…..when we try UPSETTING ……find out what this is …SIGN UP TO OUR BLOG



A BIG THANK YOU go to Nikki and Vicky at Brookland school for organising the session to take place in the school hall…


also to Lottery funding for supporting us to continue our HOP HUB project providing traditional skills to rural communities…..Big Lottery Logo


Wet felting group on the hottest day of the year….


yesterday a new group got together to make wet felt rectangles, the work was experimental using raw #romneymarsh sheep’s wool, plus dyed wool.We tried mixing beetroot dyed wool with pomegranate and golden rod colours. Each student’s work was really creative and ……most importantly everyone had fun!




here we all are inside All Saints church Lydd – perfect temperature …many thanks go to Revd Chris and churchwarden Pat for their enthusiasm for our traditional skills workshops and HOP Hub project

follow our blog to see what we make and any other opportunities for learning new skills or revisiting techniques….photo-13