NATURAL DYES for dying wool in preparation for new Creative courses ahead…..

yesterday was very wet weather so I took the opportunity to mordant some romney marsh wool and collect some black berries and then boil up some avocado skins 

Excited by the results … Aiming for blue from the black berries
Sadly the avocado was less successful …clearly need LOADS of the stuff


Wet felting developments…

Bringing the shape of a round courgette and dyed wool together to make 
A beautiful and robust vessel……this was finished by some hard hitting against our brick wall, I wrapped the vessel in muslin and then repeatedly swiped the object against the wall to get a more solid structure from the sheep’s wool ….really pleased with the finish which resembles sea anemone, shape and colour…..


Summer’s palette

amongst the glorious rich pickings are
Bronze fennel

And ragwort… Picture to be added soon…..

I’ve collected these resources from the #RomneyMarsh #hedgerows so no cost involved 
Photos of the dyed wool from these to follow…….I think some of the colours are going to be very interesting…..can’t wait