our #HopHub project is back on track, developing new designs….

some are very individual a Romney marsh sheep made from pure local wool , a bangle that uses the spectrum of natural dyes that we’ve been making, a jug that celebrates the colour yellow, golden rod dye

We continue to meet weekly at All Saint’s church #Lydd (the photo in the middle image is of the church tower which is the tallest on the marsh), we noticed the considerable temperature drop though and I now have to look into other local venues…maybe the Library or Museum….

We are coming up with designs and ideas for the #Delights exhibition @RyeCreativeCtr in #November


other current inspiration is

lots of autumnal yellow/gold……fruit is abundant at the moment and we are rushing to crop any dye plants and berries….


all quite random visual references but sent our way ….gourds and squashes…lovely shape colour and textures…….closely followed by objet  d’art …exhibitions that are all currently FREE @Fstonetriennial and @CoastalCurrents this is a photo of the sculpture Exbury Egg that is sited outside @Jerwoodgallery #Hastings…..

and then references to the sea…sea anemones and shells…


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