Testing out our designs at Feast of Delights Fair Rye

We really enjoyed meeting other makers and having feedback about our work

Thank you to everyone for your helpful comments and Congrats to C for her success in making a considerable number of sales….nice one!


Time to dye some wool today #romneymarsh #natural #dyes

Raw wool is just an amazing material . It arrives claggy with mud, straw and grass, a couple of rinses in warm water and here you are

Like a physical cloud of white, ready to be hung out to dry or to be mordanted using an alum mordantthen ready for dyeing, this time I’m trying brown onion skins. To my delight, I had last year’s onions in a basket and over time they had disintegrated into their dry shells, perfect for going into the dye pot…

As you can see not many onion skins are needed to make an impressively strong dye

I’m adding water to dilute the dye so that all the wool is covered

This is now standing overnight to see what happens…