Lovely winter sun encouraged us to get the materials ready, so on to the allotment to collect the willow that’s been soaking in the pond

We are going to be working on baskets and some star flowers at Lydd church, although we must remember to wrap up warm. The forecast is saying a major temperature drop 😬

This is the star flower design our beginners group will have a go at tomorrow

It has weaves and skills used in basketry , so a good opportunity to practice with both dried and fresh willow

On this sample flower I’ve used brown willow , buff willow and homegrown yellow and I’m pleased with the result

Our last class produced a great deal of waste……but I’m determined nothing is thrown so I usually use dry waste as kindling for the fire this evening. I think we will enjoy the warmth before the big freeze

My lovely neighbour on the allotment has donated some of his willow for tomorrow ….amazing golds, yellows and 🍊orange


New willow designs and prepping for our class tomorrow in #Lydd

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