Looker’s hut is on the move

Today, we manoeuvred our #heritage Looker’s hut from Ivychurch to Old Romney. I was concerned that having spent 2 winters in the churchyard at St George’s in Ivychurch the hut might not cope with being transferred to a HIABE, transport people will understand, a large truck with a winch. I watched as my team of volunteers carefully pushed and pulled our hut up onto the ramp. I’m very pleased to say that the very old chassis structure held and the hut is in one piece👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Special 5naks go to Happy HIAB of Old Romney, the Laker family of Lydd and Margaret and Chris who have given their time and support to keep the Looker’s hut as an exhibition space & possibly an artist in residency space


Coiled baskets workshop at Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne

On Sunday I attended a workshop delivered by Ruby from Native Hands nativehands.co.uk.

We learnt how to make a coiled basket using grass as the material. All materials and tools were provided. The materials are grasses that are easily cropped when the meadow grass is high in the summer.

The grass coil was provided as this is a process that takes time and skill so we were given a head start….they look like the curled head of ferns

A tail of grass is then sown into place using a large semi blunt needle and some hemp twine. The making process was very enjoyable and depending on how much grass used reasonably easy. At the end it was evident that some students had used larger coils of grass and we had all a very unique final outcome

The lower basket is mine and I chose to tie in the full ‘tail’ as a finish a double stitch and weave through the main basket was the final method for securing the basket. The workshop lasted for a very pleasurable 6 hours and this might not seem a very functional basket, more a bowl. However I feel as though I could really get to grips with the process and make something taller or larger , I think a particular function ie egg basket or hat or fruit bowl would be a good challenge. Just need to find some materials , one student suggested that a bale of hay might do the trick so…we shall see

The other exciting discovery for me was the tutor showed me a Romney Marsh basket from one of her reference books

I can feel the next project taking shape!,,,

Snow and ice on the marsh is, thankfully, a rare event

I’ve had to cancel our willow workshop this week, partly because the roads have been treacherous, the church is far too cold and my willow pond is frozen. So the decision was not taken lightly and fully confirmed by Wednesday evening.

Thanks goodness I’ve purchased some great books on #Waterstones #Marketplace

I’m practising my skills using these books, reclaiming just enough willow that I had wrapped in a damp cloth in the back garden. I’m now aware that if the willow is iced over it is still weavable once it has thawed, good to know

So I made this bird house

I like the mix of the different types of willow I’ve had to use to complete it, I had just enough to finish the handle on this herb basket

Are they symmetrical? Are they rustic? Are they functional? Would I use them?

Well mostly yes is the answer and this is the great relationship & adventure between artist and materials. The outcome is not always clear or certain but the learning process is always absolute and enjoyable…..

#snow is still falling