I’ve had to cancel our willow workshop this week, partly because the roads have been treacherous, the church is far too cold and my willow pond is frozen. So the decision was not taken lightly and fully confirmed by Wednesday evening.

Thanks goodness I’ve purchased some great books on #Waterstones #Marketplace

I’m practising my skills using these books, reclaiming just enough willow that I had wrapped in a damp cloth in the back garden. I’m now aware that if the willow is iced over it is still weavable once it has thawed, good to know

So I made this bird house

I like the mix of the different types of willow I’ve had to use to complete it, I had just enough to finish the handle on this herb basket

Are they symmetrical? Are they rustic? Are they functional? Would I use them?

Well mostly yes is the answer and this is the great relationship & adventure between artist and materials. The outcome is not always clear or certain but the learning process is always absolute and enjoyable…..

#snow is still falling


Snow and ice on the marsh is, thankfully, a rare event

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