Architectural models by @unicreativearts @cantarch

If you are looking for an excuse to visit the church in St Mary in the #Marsh ? Then we have the opportunity for you to a, enjoy the views through the church altar window b, take a look at the brilliant designs made by MA architecture students c, enjoy the Spring blossom around the churchyard

As you can see, our visit coincided with some dramatic changes in the weather but I like the view where the church appears to be floating on a sea of yellow…

The models are available to view please feel free to make comments using the handouts

We plan to improve the display next week but for now they are located in the north aisle…

On our way back to the office in #NewRomney we called in to St George’s church and Old Romney, always a pleasure to see #marsh #views


set out to learn about needle felting and ended up making……a little owl

Spring blossom is exceptional this year…..

Our 2nd session working with wool at Lydd church, today Caroline is leading the session

She used her prototype designs to demo her skills in needle felting

Her hedgehog is made of Romney wool dyed with turmeric…..her mouse is wool dyed with blackberry and….

Little owl is a mix of the dyed wools……

Here we are having a go….Jean brought a hair brush to meddle felt with…it’s necessary to have something to needle into ie not the table AND definitely NOT into your hand! The needles are barbed and very sharp. We supplied red wooden holders that have slots for up to 5needles , used for large scale work. We decided to work with small amounts of wool for a test run, one needle is ideal for this type of detailed work.

Our Little Owls will be on display at Lydd church craft fair…come along and have a look đź‘€ đź‘€ đź‘€ 7th May Bank Holiday Monday

Keeping cool today : Wet felting at All Saints church Lydd #RomneyMarsh

thanks to Debbie-Jane for explaining the varieties of wool available and methods of processing wool, we all agreed that the qualities of Romney Marsh wool are the best!

Such a lovely material to work with, we could feel and smell the lanolin and we all concluded that we wanted to explore the material over the next few weeks……

We shared our thoughts on colours, textures and ideas together. Debbie-Jane demonstrates how to bring real strength to the felting process by turning the wool , wringing it inside a towel and bamboo mat. That a consistent process ie 20wringing actions on each turn of the wool ie 4 ways can bring an exciting finished piece that is tough, practical and shows the great qualities of the Romney wool

The day was very warm and sunny and so we photographed the finished felt piece in the churchyard

Spring has arrived and we are now looking ahead to the possible dyes we can experiment with , this wool has some yellow interwoven into it and the tombstone has yellow lichen!