thanks to Debbie-Jane for explaining the varieties of wool available and methods of processing wool, we all agreed that the qualities of Romney Marsh wool are the best!

Such a lovely material to work with, we could feel and smell the lanolin and we all concluded that we wanted to explore the material over the next few weeks……

We shared our thoughts on colours, textures and ideas together. Debbie-Jane demonstrates how to bring real strength to the felting process by turning the wool , wringing it inside a towel and bamboo mat. That a consistent process ie 20wringing actions on each turn of the wool ie 4 ways can bring an exciting finished piece that is tough, practical and shows the great qualities of the Romney wool

The day was very warm and sunny and so we photographed the finished felt piece in the churchyard

Spring has arrived and we are now looking ahead to the possible dyes we can experiment with , this wool has some yellow interwoven into it and the tombstone has yellow lichen!


Keeping cool today : Wet felting at All Saints church Lydd #RomneyMarsh

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