Summer is here…wool ideas are gathering and we are beginning to glean other resources

these are the results from mordanting and then saturating in water and pomegranates. As you can see the colour is a rich gold. We want to use this for wool spinning and wool coiling…results to follow

another batch , trying out nettles as a dye, it smells delicious but colour is pale. Evidently, to get green you need mountains of nettles. I added in a few onion skins and realised what a great dye source brown onions really are…

our group is continuing to meet in the church in Lydd. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much amazing and inspirational art. It reminds us to think about people in the past , using the same processes we are now also enjoying and exploring.


Child’s play, willow fish

it was a lovely opportunity to have a class of 34 primary schoolchildren finding out about willow. We talked about how people in the past might have used willow fish…as a toy for children to play with, as a good luck for fisherman in the town, as a decoration

we also used some new words to describe the plant in relation to #RomneyMarsh #abundant #successful #fastgrowing #hedgerow

These were the final results – thanks go to everyone involved in organising the session at #Lydd #school

Rush and it’s many qualities

This week I’ve been busy building my skills bas by exploring the many qualities of materials that we have available in the UK

My first attempt at weaving rush, prepared and provided by the expert tutor , we met on the allotment and experienced scorching weather. Both the materials and makers had to be mist sprayed for best results….

Two different methods produced tip top results and has inspired me to think how, where and when it might be possible to find a supplier or grow this stuff locally. It’s so lovely to work with….