We are now on the final phase of our painting course, we are given 5 full days of tuition. However, due to weather interruptions and visitors, we have one day to paint a last canvas.

I’ve divided the frame into 2 and have chosen the tiger and the deer. This idea has come from a box that I found in the studio. The tutor guru found this very amusing as the box was made by a child. However, it is lovely so I’m using the same motifs. A local official, who seemed very unsteady decided I needed help with my border lines. He managed to not draw a straight line even with a ruler, It took me a while to get my work back on track….

An aside: We’ve been having lots of palm fronds suddenly crashing to the ground outside our dwelling. This morning a team of ‘tree surgeons’ arrived with climbing gear : one rope and a machete strapped to their back , job done!

Tiger as a symbol of India comes up a lot so I expect there will be further versions….

The next project is 3D and learning how to make traditional masks, our new guru is a woman from the next village and she speaks no English. She does however, have very strong facial expressions. The tutors eat lunch with us and there is a positive sense of community that revolves around food. There are semi feral dogs everywhere waiting for the scraps

All of my local observations are appearing in the work, this is really important. I’m amazed at how working in such a unique environment, different tools, surfaces, and resources has changed my approach. I have looked at so many Indian paintings over the years I’m thoroughly enjoying learning the motifs, patterns and styles.


Tiger tiger burning bright

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