AiRM was founded in 2003. Since 2013 the organisation has been registered as a charity with four trustees. Creative, partnership and educational opportunities are organised by Susan Churchill as Head of Development. The organisation has delivered a varied programme of exhibitions centred on 8 medieval churches located on Denge and Walland marsh. Art in Romney Marsh continues to support artists to experiment and make site-specific work. Since 2011, AiRM has delivered a wide range of learning programmes that engage community groups with their local heritage and history.


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  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog. On Saturday I attempted to walk between Brookland and Dymchurch across Romney Marsh. However, the state of many, even most, of the footpaths was shocking, with a few shown on a recent OS Explorer map even no longer existent! But the final straw was the path between Ivychurch and St Mary in the Marsh which very soon after Ivychurch became lost in all the gorse bushes and meant I had to retrace my steps and return to London as time was running too short for any trial and error. I have walked footpaths in all counties of southern England and only in Kent have I encountered problems. Is there a known problem in the county I wonder….? Anyway I’ll be writing to Kent Council about it. Incidentally, the route from Brookland to Dymchurch is just a short stretch of a mammoth figure-of-eight walk which I’ve designed and am walking on footpaths between Lands End and Dover.

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