Wet Felting Workshop



on Sunday the 9th of October we held a wet felting workshop at St Georges’ church, Ivychurch. It was great fun for myself and all of the participants and here are some photos and details of my method incase you would like to give it a go yourself!

Step 1 – Prepare your space!

Wet felting is (as the name hints) wet! so set up in a place where it doesn’t matter if water gets on the floor and make sure you have the means to mop anything up if needed.

You will needed….

  1. Bubble wrap (as large as you want your sheet of felt to be)
  2. A sushi mat (same size as above)
  3. Tutu net (as above)
  4. Wool for felting!
  5. Bar of soap
  6. Warm water

So, lay out a towel (optional) on your space and then the sushi mat and then the bubble wrap (bubbles up) on top of that.

Step 2 – Add wool!

Begin to tease bits of wool apart and gently lay three layers of the wool on top of the bubble wrap. First layer with all the wool horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal again. each layer should cover the space but be thin enough to see the surface underneath.


Gently lay your tutu net onto of your woolly layers and drizzle some warm water on top. you want your wool to be fully saturated but not swimming with water. the easiest way to do this is to sprinkle a little on at a time then press the wool down to see how wet it is getting. you want it wet enough that when you press your hand down on it some water comes up between your fingers.

Step 3 – Felt!

Take your soap and rub it over the whole surface of your piece – just once for now! Then take a small scrap of bubble wrap, create a bulb shape with it and with the bubble side facing down start to rub it over your surface in small circles. there should be quite a lot if sudds appearing so if not, add some more of your soap.


now you need to do this for quite a long time. at least 15 mins. every now and then pull the tutu net up and release the fibres of there wool that have attached itself to it as we don’t want that included in the felt!

After the felting is done its at this point you need to decide weather you want your felt thicker/denser; if so then repete the steps of adding the raw wool and rubbing with the soap. if you are happy with the thickness then please read on!

Remove the sushi matt from underneath (gently) and lay it on top of your felt. flip the whole thing over and remove the bubble wrap. roll it all up as tight as you can and roll back and forth for about 30 seconds. this process helps to remove any excess water and to aid the felting process. unroll your work, turn the felt 90 degrees and repeat. Do this again and again until you have done it four times so its been rolled in each direction twice.

Finally! Gently rinse in tepid water if your work is particularly soapy and then lay out to dry!

you will have a lovely piece of felt do do what you wish with – its so versatile you can make a pouch, coasters, book covers…the list is endless!

If you give it a go please let us know how it goes!


Liz xx






A Walk for Foraging

hello one and all!

Today I am writing a little blog about the Foragers walk and talk I went on along with lots of other windswept individuals with the lovely Sarah Watson from WildFeast!

we all me at 2pm at St Mary in the Marsh church ready to learn about what tasty treats await in the hedgerows of the marsh!

Off we went down the appropriately named ‘Pickney Bush Lane’, stopping now and then so Sarah could impart some of her knowledge on us about the wild treats such as nettles, mallow leaves, rose hips, blackberries, sloes and lots more! Here are some lovely snaps of our adventure…


After our walk we returned back to the church, Sarah talked us through our finds and what we could make with them. We sampled some lovely sloe and apple cordial which she very kindly gave us the recipe for! There was also some delectable blackthorne liquire available to sample which was really rather lovely.


What a wonderful Sunday afternoon it was. Coming up this Sunday (the 9th) is a drop in work shop with little old me at St George’s church in Ivychurch. We will be making felt pouches from wool from our very own Romney Marsh sheep! Pop in any time between 1 and 3pm, see you there!

Peace and love,



September is nearly over how!!


Hope you are all having a splendid Autumn, as the title suggests the days just seem to be escaping me at the moment but I am really enjoying the arrival of my favourite seasonal gift: conkers!

After a childhood of spending endless afternoons on the walk home from school searching for the shiny gems i still can’t shake the excitement when they start to arrive. The lovely feel of them in your hand and collecting as many as you can while storing them in an old shoebox. such a lovely time of year.

So the long awaited for Art in Romney Marsh festival has begun! Have you had the chance to go yet? Please let us know what you think!

September is full of new educational beginnings – I’ve returned to complete the second year of my Masters Degree and oh boy its intense!

Eased in (!) with a two hour lecture on materialism and realism we’ve hit the ground running ready to put together a 5000 word essay (or ‘Critical Research Paper’) in time for christmas.Before you ask; no I don’t know what I’m doing it on and no i also haven’t even vaguely started…all in good time!

Last but not least a very exciting piece of news…our new rescue donkey arrives tomorrow! His name is Charlie, he is black and coming to us from Colchester, Essex. Since we lots one of our ponies our current donkey has been very lonely so we’ve arranged for a companion to join the gang on the farm.

I’ll post pictures as soon as i have some, but for now here is a wee snap of our lovely kitten ‘Winnie’ who is now 5 months old!

Love, Liz


imageGood evening!

welcome to my first blog post in about 6 years – what a busy summer it has been all we lol as beautiful and warm…and it’s not over yet!

So many exciting things have happened over the last couple of months I hardly know where to start!

Coming up in September and October we have the annual ‘Art In Romney Marsh’ festival featuring unique commissioned pieces of art from local artists displayed across 5 of the Marsh’s most beautiful medieval churches. In addition to the wonderful things to see, there as some workshops coming up which you can get involved in and create something unique yourself.

I will be holding a wet felting workshop on Sunday 9th October in St Mary the Virgin church in St Mary in the Marsh – if this sounds appealing to you then please send us an email letting us know you are interested as there are a limited number of spaces.

Ive had a little practice to polish up my skills and have decided we will be making a little pouch out of Romney Marsh Sheep wool for you to keep something small and special in. It’s going to be lots of fun, promise!

i don’t want to spoil the workshop so no photos today of what we are creating, instead here is Mickey the donkey looking as lovely as ever. 😍

lots of love,



Workshop 2 being held in the churchyard at St George’s involved learning how to chamfer wood with a gardening knife, saw the broom handle to the required length, clip and tie the birch twigs

after 4hrs everyone went home with a besom broom!



Today we have been cleaning!

Actually cleaning without being livid, who knew! We have kindly been donated a full raw fleece which we intend to use for felting in one of our coming workshop. The fleece first need to be prepared, cleaned and dyed: a process which we have started today!

So, in case you’re interested, here is the method we have used:

Step 1 – spread your fleece out on a surface be it a table or the grass on a nice sunny day, cut off and set aside any particularly mucky bits of the fleece (you won’t be needing these) so you are left with lovely softened clean-looking wool.

Step 2 – place roughly a football sized bundle of your wool in to a mesh sack. You can use a mesh lingerie bag, we spread some muslin on the floor and tied it up around the wool.

Step 3 – place your bundles in to a tub / sink / container of very hot but not boiling water with a few squirts of dish soap or laundry detergent in. Leave for about thirty minutes and repete the process until upon peaking in to your parcels, you can see reasonably clean wool. *IMPORTANT* during this stage and the next one do not agitate the wool or move it around too much or it will felt itself in to one giant blob!

Step 4 – fill your container once more but this time add no soap as this is the rinse 🙂 leave for thirty minutes and then get out and set aside to dry! This is the stage we are at and its laying out in the sun! Watch this space!

Love and peace,


p.s. Here are some photos of our process:



Invigilators needed

we have held artist site meetings this week and beginning to bring exciting ideas and creative skills together to represent AiRM2016 festival which has gained the title

‘the marsh, she knows’……a quote from Dr Syn……

the church exhibition sites are all unique, with amazing history, architecture and evidence of time past , for example, a crusaders grave, medieval scratch clocks, gargoyles etc

The exhibitions will have invigilators to talk to visitors and provide information about the artworks

We are looking for people interested in doing this on Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm during the festival, this is paid £8/hr and would suit people who are interested in the arts , live on or near Romney Marsh. Training is provided

exhibition dates:

17/18, 24/25 September & 1/2, 8/9 October 2016
at Newchurch Old Romney Fairfield Ivychurch St Mary in the Marsh
interested? contact us on info@artinromneymarsh@gmail.com

Wooly Wednesday

Hi friends,

hope you have had a good week so far; congratulations, you have made it to Wednesday.

The plans for Art in Romney Marsh’s ‘Hop Hub’ are starting to come together. Our ideas is that through the ‘Hop Hub’ we will be giving a series of free workshops based around traditional practices and materials found on The Romney Marsh.

As someone who has worked with textiles before I will be holding workshops on felting; wool used will be from The Marsh weather it be found in clumps clinging to a barbed wire fence or purchased from a local farmer. I will be washing the wool free of its natural oils and getting it ready for dying which will also be part of the workshops. I’m on the lookout for someone who grows beetroot locally as that will be the basis for our red pigmented wool, other colours I’m still researching so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

once the dyed wool is dried we will be using two different felting techniques in order to create either a little pouch or a decorative ornament. For embellishment string and beads can be added and students will be able to leave with an item born and created purely on and of The Marsh!

Watch this space for dates, times and additional information

Liz x

P.S. Below is a photo of where my wool collecting began! For an extra point spot mums dog in the photo 😉





Midweek Madness

Hellooo everyone,

The rain has arrived and as well as the ducks, frogs and flowers I’m very much enjoying a break from the ever so moderate summer we have been having! I love how cleansing rain feels, even if I only experience it from behind a double-glazed window.

Its lovely to smell the nostalgic aroma that the flower ‘May’ brings to country lanes as we wave goodbye to the bluebells for another year. Driving from New Romney to Canterbury is always such a joy when the trees are festooned with leaves and life has returned to the surrounding woodland.

My presentation at uni last week went well (I think) but I’m trying not to think about it until we get the results next week! I made a seven minute movie which I haven’t really shown anyone but I think I’ll pop here in s future post if anyone wants to see it. I feel content and happy with the work I create until it is under scrupulation from two of my tutors when I just cringe and wish the world would swallow me and my sub-par work up!

Thr tadpoles in mums garden pond are growing swimmingly (sorry) and will soon sprout legs before evolving in to fully formed frogs. I have a lot of projects on at the moment and am working extra hours so it’s important for me to take some time to be mindful of and thankful for the beautiful world we live in. Ive been trying to each day set aside some time to do some yoga and to really focus on my intentions for the coming days/weeks. It’s also helping ease the pain of my left shoulder which is smarting a little!

Sending everyone reading this peace and happiness, as well as the reassurance that everything is within your reach. Have a great week!

Liz x

p.s. I took this photo of the bluebells last year and am still in love with it, enjoy. image